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Pamale's Story 



Every good recipe generally has a really good back story, Pamales Tamales recipes are no different! 

It all began with a bushel of tomatillos and no idea what to do with them, besides make verde salsa. Having never made verde salsa before the outcome was quite remarkable. Now, what to do with 20 quarts of verde???

Duh chicken tamales!

Sparing all the details that you probably don't care to read,

the chicken verde tamales then led to what is now a full menu offering 36 different flavors of mouth watering


I promise there is a lot more interesting details to our tale, so if you ever have a moment, ask us for more about our story!

You will grow to understand exactly why our mission statement was created and why this little ole tamale business is such a big deal! 



We have been designing our own unique tamale flavors since 2012.

Who would have thought that the little tamale lady would become such a huge hit!

Thank you for visting

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